Monday, December 28, 2015

Top 5 of 2015

Today I look back at the year that was for Matt's Blog is Stupid(ly Awesome) and list my Top 5 posts of 2015.  And unlike most top whatever lists, I start right at the top.

#1 - Oliebollen... The Traditional Way

I started the year with the latest installment of my award winning digital series "Cooking With Food", with special guest cook, Mom.

#2 - Cooking With Food Episode 10

I return to solo cooking with an epic webisode that whipped up a Rice Krispie Sphere.

#3 - Adventures in Winter Driving

A retelling of my harrowing tale of being stranded in Strathroy when a winter storm hit.  It's not a story I want to relive, but it certainly was one of the longest posts I've ever written.

#4 - Implication of an Extended Election

I get a bit political in this one, but I make what I think to be an interesting observation of the size of the budgets of each political parties in the context of Blue Jays playoff games.

#5 - Top 5 of 2015

This one made the list because I only made 4 posts this year up until this one.  So, yeah, I guess it was a slow year.  Or personal blogging is so far past being considered passé and I refuse to admit it.

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